Hair Removal for Dark Skin: Smooth Solutions for All Skin Tones

Smooth skin is always appealing. When looking for the best methods of hair removal for dark skin, laser removal comes in handy without doubt. The major problem, nevertheless, lies in the fact that black people have a lot of melanin in their skin. This means that lasers, at times, may be unable to remove the hair in the skin since the light will just be absorbed.

With darker skin, it’s advisable to ensure that the area is cooled before seeking the treatment. pico 皮秒 This will prevent any possible damages from affecting it, plus, it will also guarantee that the laser works successfully. In order to achieve this, place a cold object against the skin such as ice. Black people whose skin is lighter are usually on the safer side because they have lesser chances of being affected by the laser. In essence, darker skin needs to be treated by laser that has longer wavelength, and vice versa.

Types of Lasers Used


    • The Diode– This is one of the most common lasers used in hair removal for dark skin. The laser can deliver the best results and is normally meant for those who have denser hair. Launched into the market into 2010, the Diode has managed to receive thousands of positive reviews from previous satisfied customers.


  • The Nd: Yag– This laser has a very long wavelength hence appropriate for all skin types and colors. However, most people who have used it attest to the fact that it’s extremely painful. Despite this, its popularity is steadily rising since it provides the perfect opportunity for all to enjoy smooth, glowing skin.


Tread carefully when selecting a doctor to work with. There are numerous practitioners available but make sure that you only go for the best one. The first thing to do is ask for references. You can contact past patients and talk to a few to see if the particular doctor will deliver. Removal of the hair can be done successfully when the doctor is skilled in operating the machinery.

In general, the total cost of the procedure is also a major determinant factor. Since you’ll probably require several treatment procedures to be performed on your skin for desired results, ensure that total cost is calculated appropriately. Laser hair removal for dark skin is definitely effective when one fully understands all the vital details.

If professional level hair removal is not something you’re interested in, there are emerging at home systems on the market that are both affordable, effective on dark skin and can be used in the comfort of your own home.

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