How To Pick And Choose The Best Free Apps For Your iPhone

A Few Basic Guidelines

iPhones apps can greatly enhance the features and capabilities of your already feature-rich mobile device. The fact that most of the best apps for the iPhone are available for free makes it even more compelling to download and use them. But before you rush off to download the latest available app, you might need to find out how to pick and choose the best free apps for your iPhone, so that you can derive maximum benefit from them.

You can follow this list of criteria to help you pick and choose the best free apps for your iPhone:


Most people are attracted to iPhone apps based on the wow factor. They hear about a new app or see a friend using one, and they immediately get all excited about it, without ever wondering whether they really need the app. Just because it is free does not mean that you should immediately download and use it. In fact, most people never use a large percentage of the apps that are installed on their iPhones. Understand that you would only use an app which really meets a particular need. Best Entertainment Apps for iPhone So use that as your basic selection criterion to see whether or not you really need a particular app, before you download and use it.


Judge an app based on its usability. Unlike computer software applications, most apps are used on the go while driving, walking or even running. See how well you can use the app in those circumstances. Sometimes, you might have to wait for the app to evolve to a higher version before it becomes really usable. So unless the app is easy to use on the iPhone, do not go for it.


Unless you have countless hours of free time, you can do without a large percentage of apps. In fact, most apps for entertainment can be very addictive and rob you off your precious time, which you can use productively in other tasks. So judge an app by the value it provides in your life. If it can aid you in productivity and save time, go for it. But if it wastes your time and decreases your income or profits, keep away from it.


When you have children at home, you should be wary of the kind of apps that you install on your smart phone, especially when you allow your children to use your iPhone. Apps that use geolocation can pinpoint the location of the iPhone user. If your children use such apps without your assistance, they can expose their location to complete strangers, which could be dangerous at times. Therefore, you need to be aware of these aspects when you install certain apps on your iPhone.


It is impossible for you to find all the apps on your own. You might have to go by other people’s opinions, which is not really a bad thing. People are doing you a favor by downloading, installing and testing an app, so that you do not have to do it yourself. Therefore, check online for feedback from iPhone app users through forums and social media sites. There are thousands of sites online where iPhone app users share their experience and provide feedback on various different apps. Use this collective knowledge to help you pick and choose the best free apps for your iPhone.

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